I-Beam Longsword Trainer

By: Kingston Arms

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Designed by Angus Trim

Angus Trim developed this style of HEMA training sword (he coined it I-Beam after the profile design) a while back to solve two problems - Tapered blunts with thin edges that were quickly chewed up and thick blunts that handled like crow bars. The massive central fuller allows for more metal at the edge while keeping the sword lively in the hand.

HEMA Trainer

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) has been gaining popularity for several years now and shows no sign of slowing down. Conceived as a premium line of blunt swords fit for the rigors of reenactment & stage combat, they not only look the part but hold up to it as well. The blades are forged from 9260 spring steel and well tempered to a rockwell hardness of 50Hrc. The edges are at least 2mm thick and rounded for safety. The guard and pommel are finely cast stainless steel and stone washed, giving a long lasting finish that will look good for years worth of battles. The guards feature the newly designed King-Peen system - a thick tab of steel is cast with the guard then riveted in place to the tang under the grip. This method provides an exceptional connection of the guard and blade and in our testing keeps the sword ringing like a bell. The grip is an ergonomically shaped hardwood core wrapped in cord for strength with cord-embossed leather over top. This composite grip construction is not only historically accurate but also long lasting and maintenance friendly. Feels pretty good too. The scabbards are wood core and covered in leather with a stainless steel chape.


Reliks Product ID 6807
Manufacturer SKU SM36110
Blade Length 34 7/8"
Blade Material 9260 Spring Steel
Edge Type 3.25 mm Thick
Full Length 45"
Handle Length 8"
Point of Balance 6"
Scabbard Leather
Weight 2 lb 12 oz

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