Honshu Practice Gross Messer

By: Honshu

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The Honshu Boshin Practice Grosse Messer Sword gives you the look and feel of a traditional sword, which is exactly what you need when you’re training in the art of sword fighting. Using a high-quality practice sword is the only way to train effectively and safely. An exact replica of Honshu’s fully-functional Grosse Messer Sword, the trainer has a solid, intricately detailed, molded polypropylene construction. It is complete with a crossguard and heavily textured hilt and is 42 1/8” overall, with a 30 3/4” blade.


Reliks Product ID 7009
Manufacturer SKU UC3502
Blade Length 30 3/4"
Full Length 42 1/8"
Material Polypropylene

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T - Verified Buyer

"It's functional, but does seem to have a very thick blade, it matches in materials the Honshu longswords that I also own. It is missing the side ring of the steel sharp version of the Honshu Gross Messer which is a negative since the side ring is used when using Gross Messer techniques which is an issue, as it is it would still work for HEMA training."

F - Verified Buyer

"Arrived in speed fashion and works as advertised. Very durable polypropylene and is balanced very similar to an actual Messer from what I can tell. Great cosplaying prop. If you're thinking about fighting with if, just be sure to wear protection and fight at 70% speed, otherwise bruises and jammed fingers await your future! Superb product and would buy another one!"

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