Practice Bokken - Polypropylene

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This synthetic bokken sword gives you the feel and maneuverability of the real thing without the dangers of training with a real blade! This samurai sword is made of the heaviest grade polypropylene for a stiff training sword that can withstand the demands of full contact training. Unlike traditional wood trainers these pieces are nearly indestructible and can really take a beating!


Reliks Product ID 6162
Manufacturer SKU 1802PP
Blade Length 29"
Full Length 39"
Handle Length 9 1/2"
Material Polypropylene
Weight 1.2 lb

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P - Verified Buyer

"Love it! Amazing quality."

C - Verified Buyer

"Personally i don't think you could say anything bad about this practice sword its cheap and extremely well made two things that don't go together very often. only thing i can really say that was not perfect was that is was slightly bent to the right which i was fully aware could happen given the material and since its a practice sword it really didn't matter to me. Overall very satisfied! "

W - Verified Buyer

"Excellent product."

S - Verified Buyer

"Bought two for the kids and myself. Nice balance and weight and very durable."

W - Verified Buyer

"The weight is a little light, but has proven to be very durable, and reasonable stand-in for the real thing. There is a VERY slight curve to the right, but it is almost unnoticable."