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Polypropylene Fantasy Sword

This fantasy training sword is perfect for practising your favourite sword martial art with a little Hollywood flair! Made from a strong polypropylene this sword will hold up well for practising forms and sparring! These also make amazing accessories for costuming and cosplay. This sword measures aprox 34 overall with a 7 handle that can easily accommodate a two handed grip but is very manageable when used as a single hand sword.

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  • Product Code: 5929
  • SKU: E503-PP

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5/5 average from 7 reviews

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"This sword has survived many a battle against monsters and the like in the hands of my 14 yr old and his friends. Very durable and a good challenger against the medieval training sword." - (5/5)

"Nice, a little larger than my student expected but she liked it." - (5/5)

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