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Kendo Shinai

Kendo Shinai

This durable bamboo shinai has a leather covered handle and comes complete with a 2 piece handguard. The shinai used for the sport of kendo has become a favorite in the dojo and for the backyard warrior. The bamboo shinai is constructed to withstand great impact. When used with proper martial arts or kendo protective equipment, sparring or training with the shinai is very intense and exciting. Various sizes are available.

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  • Product Code: 565
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"These are excellent practice weapons. Very solid, has not come appart after tons of use. I think it is a better idea to pay more for these than cheaper wooden practice swords that crack or break after a little use." - (5/5)

"Our son was very pleased with our purchase" - (4/5)

"I like it very much and am pleased with my purchase, I will be making more in the future" - (5/5)

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