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By: Honshu

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Medieval Practice Sword

Constructed from the highest grade of polypropylene available and closely mimicking an actual Medieval broadsword in length, size, weight, and feel. This practice sword has the advantage of being virtually unbreakable, as well as, remarkably stiff and cut resistant. It will take years and years of abuse! Having a high quality and safe tool to practice your sword skills with is of the utmost importance! You shouldn’t have to worry about safety when you are working to become a master of the broadsword.


Reliks Product ID 6648
Manufacturer SKU UC3312
Full Length 43"
Weight 1.6 lb

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E - Verified Buyer

"Very good training sword. Solid, good heft and looks to survive almost any number of training sessions in the years ahead."

B - Verified Buyer

"A great looking sword. Great for practicing and cosplay. "

K - Verified Buyer

"Product is as advertised and durable. Great for training speed and form on your own/on a dummy, should never be used for sparring without proper protective gear and instructor supervision. The tip is still sharp enough to easily punch through dry wall and the trainer can still transfer enough force to injure if no gear is used in light to medium sparring environment."

T - Verified Buyer

"My son loves the size, weight and design of his practice sword."

Q - Verified Buyer

"Much more "sword" like than the cold steel trainers. Feels lighter in hand and more maneuverable. Not as bulky in the "blade" section however the balance point is about the same as the cold steel short sword trainer. Again great for what it is."

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