Dojo Pack - 2 Textured Poly Bokken

By: Cold Steel
Dojo Pack - 2 Textured Poly Bokken Dojo Pack - 2 Textured Poly Bokken

Dojo Pack - 2 Textured Poly Bokken

By: Cold Steel
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Cold Steel's polypropylene katana trainers are one of the toughest training swords available on the market. These pieces are much more resilient than traditional wood training katana and are ideal for full contact training. We have packaged two together so you can enjoy a package savings for yourself and a sparring partner. Each of these poly katana measure aprox 41 1/2” overall.


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M - Verified Buyer

"Excellent alternative to a wooden bokken, very light and comfortable due to the textured grip which simulates a katana's Itomaki. "

C - Verified Buyer

"Modeled very closely after the real thing, it feels pretty close to the real thing as well. Very well textured and grippy, despite it all being cast from polypropelene. A slide-on black rubber tsuba completes the feel of authenticity."

C - Verified Buyer

"Serious bang for the buck here, particularly if you have a sparring partner. These bokken are nearly indestructible, well shaped and balanced to resemble a real katana, insofar as the density and weight of the polypropelene are concerned. They're a little lighter than the real thing, which is to be expected, and obviously more bulky, but the extra safety of a rounded, semi flexible blade is well worth it for those interested in regular practice."

J - Verified Buyer

"Feels like a real Katana, but Weights a little lighter and Hard like wood. Overall Good Product, Got it on sale."

B - Verified Buyer

"They looked real enough that they enjoyed there gripping and light weight."

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