Pine Crane Katana

By: Dragon King

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“One Word From The Crane”

The artisans of Dragon King offer us another exquisite piece of revered symbolism from Japanese culture with the Pine Crane Daisho Set. The red-crown crane holds profound respect and power in the Japanese mythos believed to live for a thousand years. As a symbol of authority, a Japanese idiom says, “one word from the crane” referring to the final word that isn’t challenged. Marrying the symbolism of the pine tree, another icon of power, longevity and wisdom, Shinto beliefs state that the gods of heaven reside in the ancient pines. Often used in wedding attire, the red-crown crane mates for life which make sense to pair this theme with a matching wakizashi.

Bronzed Steel Fittings

The Pine Crane motif carries throughout both pieces in stirring flows of earth tones. The embossing on the bronzed steel tsuba, fuchi and kashira is so finely detailed echoing life in art. The black cotton tsuka-ito is beautifully contrasted by the white same, silver crane menuki, seppa, habaki and the bronzed fittings. The 27 7/8” forged T10 blade boasts a gorgeously prominent hamon with a mirror finished ji and mune. The 1 ½” kissaki pierces quick and deep as the bill of crane. Like the crane, this katana is long yet very light considering the blade length and the 12” tsuka. The textured brown saya contains all this majesty and power highlighted by the first 8 ¼” black and matte striped paint with a charcoal and copper accented sageo and buffalo horn korikata and kojiri.

Collect The Set

A samurai wore two swords, the matching Pine Crane Wakizashi is also available to complete your collection.


Reliks Product ID 6332
Manufacturer SKU SD35290
Available Options Traditional Sword Maintenance Kit ,Hanwei Sword Oil (add to cart to select)
Blade Hardness 60 Edge - 40 Back
Blade Length 27 7/8"
Blade Material T10
Full Length 41 1/4"
Handle Length 12"
Sori 5/8"
Weight 2 lb 6 oz

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