Sakura Katana

By: Dragon King

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Differentially Tempered

The sakura, or cherry blossom, explodes brilliantly and gorgeously in the Spring but soon falls. History teaches us there was no greater glory for a samurai warrior than to fall in battle in a field of scattered cherry blossoms. Our Spring Sakura Katana represents this beautiful Japanese metaphor of the transience of life. The blackened fuchi, kashira and ornate stainless cherry blossom tsuba accent the beautiful polish and differentially tempered 27 1/4" blade, now with the HRC 60 edge and the HRC 40 back. Contrasted by the crimson tsuka-ito (handle wrap), the white same (ray skin) on the wood core handle, the notched seppa (spacers), silver habaki (blade collar) and the cherry blossom menuki (handle ornaments), represent the only vivid aspects of this sobering piece. The black lacquered saya (scabbard) features a buffalo horn rimmed koiguchi (scabbard mouth) and a wooden kurikata (knob) with a black sageo (cord).


Reliks Product ID 7313
Manufacturer SKU SD35191
Blade Length 27 1/4'
Blade Material 5160
Blade Tempering Differential Temper
Blade Thickness at Guard 7.5 mm
Blade Thickness at Tip 2 mm
Full Length 39 1/2"
Handle Length 10 1/2'
Sori 3/4"
Weight 2 lb 6 oz