David Carradine, Kill Bill Himself at Reliks Retail Store

Reliks Anniversary


Here at Reliks Inc. we recently celebrated our fifth anniversary in London Ontario. And I have to say it was a remarkable event. So we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make it so special. First we would like to thank Mr. David Carradine and Jay Habakangas for being our special guests. Mr. Carradines attendance made this hallmark anniversary truly memorable. Everyone enjoyed his company and his tireless effort ensured that all in attendance had an opportunity to receive an autograph. We would also like to thank all those who attended, knowing that some of you braved -16c weather for up to two hours in order to meet Mr. Carradine. We would also like to thank our regular customers who are not used to waiting in line at all. So to all of you we would like to say a very heart felt thank you.


"Kill Bill" takes on London

While the amount of people in attendance by eleven o'clock (one hour before opening) was a bit overwhelming to us, it was still a welcome sight. Upon Mr. Carradines arrival at ten to twelve, he was elated to see so many people. Jokingly he prepared to do battle with Londoners at arms. Surprising to him were the amount of Londoners owning swords.”I hope I don't have to deal with all of you with swords in your hands, I can only take a hundred or so of you, I mean man this town is armed”, Mr.Carradine said with a smile. With the sun shining and the air crisp, Mr. Carradine welcomed everyone to Hawaii then remarked that he thought London was a really cool place. Although I think he was referring to the temperature, he was obviously enjoying his visit. With a brief hello to the crowd he then proceeded in to the store to settle in.

David Carradine tours Reliks


While passing through the store Mr.Carradine stopped to admire the vast selection of functional swords on display. A couple of them caught his eye such as the Windlass Steelcrafts® Damascus Viking. One of the stores knowledgeable representatives took a little time to explain to Mr.Carradine some of the more unique qualities of the sword, such as the use of pattern welded Damascus steel. Mr.Carradine was surprised to learn that a great deal of our swords are still being produced by hand forging in the time-honoured tradition. Here at Reliks we are very proud of our functional line of swords so it always gives us great satisfaction to see someone take such a keen interest in what we consider to be the finest forged swords in their class. After briefly touring the store Mr. Carradine immediately began signing autographs.

"I will not leave until everyone comes through that door"


The autograph signing was in full swing by twelve thirty and did not stop until five. Mr.Carradine ensured us that everyone who showed up would get an autograph no matter how long it took. Everyone we spoke to seemed to really enjoy their time with Mr.Carradine, although brief due to the size of the crowd. Many people brought cameras and were able to get a snapshot with Mr.Carradine while he signed their purchases. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much gave us great pleasure and to know that Mr.Carradine was also enjoying the day as well really topped things off. Later he told us that this was possibly the most fun at signing he had ever had. Giving the extent of Mr.Carradines career this was taken as a great compliment by the staff.

”This is the real deal, you don't find folded steel everywhere”

Having closed the doors after the last of our customers had left, we then had our chance to spend some time with Mr.Carradine and get a few personal autographs and photos. Some of the staff had worked the entire day and had not yet met Mr.Carradine and so they eagerly awaited the opportunity. Many brought items of sentimental value some simply bought photos to be signed. A few brought swords but nothing was more surprising to Mr.Carradine than to see an Orchid Katana. This surprised him due to the fact that he himself has a Hanwei Orchid Katana in his personnel collection. Spending some time examining the sword before remarking what a beautiful folded blade it is, he returned it to the scabbard and signed it for the owner. Not having a chance earlier to see our selection of functional oriental swords more closely he hadn't fully realized the quality of swords we carried on the oriental side. "This is the real deal, you don't find folded steel everywhere". Mr.Carradine remarked. A few more photos and he was gone. All good things must come to an end, however will always be remembered by the Reliks team and all those who attended