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Henry V was King of England from 1413 until his death in 1422, at the age of 35. During his reign, Henry V became one of England’s most important monarchs for several reasons. among them, are his victories in the Hundred Years War. Until his untimely death from dysentery, he was recognized as a powerful warrior and brilliant military tactician – who fought as young as 14 and lead an army at 16. Despite the long list of achievements, Henry V is most remembered for his unparalleled military techniques displayed at the battle of Agincourt. Greatly outnumbered and starved, the English forced defeated the French almost entirely due to the young King’s military strategy. The Henry V battle ready sword, labelled as a type XVIII.1 by Ewart Oakeshott, was apparently ” hung above the chantry of Henry V until it either fell, or was taken down and stawed away in an old chest”. When studying the Henry V medieval sword, Oakeshott described it as “the very epitome of a fighting weapons” and “one of the most beautiful medieval swords to handle I have ever known.” Okeshott described the sword as being graceful, with an acute tip. “the 2” wide blade dawns a four-sided flattened diamond cross section, typically associated with type XVIII Medieval Swords. The extremely tapered blade points to its transitional role from a purely hacking and slashing weapon to one that had both cutting and thrusting capabilities. In the late 14th C., improvements in plate armor began to appear and a new type of sword was required to successfully counter these improvements. As a whole, the design of Henry V’s sword, mostly due to its blade geometry, makes it as one of the most interesting swords to handle. Perfectly balanced, responsive, powerful yet light, the Henry V sword is considered as one of the best conceived swords of the late medieval period. In later writings, Oakeshott described it as “..no mere funerary object, but as a magnificent fighting sword which comes to life in one’s hand.” Available with Standard or Interlaced Sword Belt Scabbard.


Reliks Product ID 4503
Manufacturer SKU DA1325
Available Options Sharpening Service ,Interlaced Sheath ,Standard Sheath (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 32"
Blade Material 5160 High Carbon Steel
Blade Width at Guard 2"
Edge Type Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional
Full Length 39"
Scabbard Leather Wrapped / Wood Core
Scabbard Options Standard or Interlaced
Weight 2 lb

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