Peloponnesian Dagger

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Circa 9th -7th century BC

In 431 BC, Sparta, a city on the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese, declared war on Athens and its growing power. Sparta and the Peloponnesian League encircled Athens and destroyed its food supply. Athens brought its population inside the city walls, creating a disastrous situation that resulted in a plaque wiping out a third of its people and army, including General Pericles and his sons. Sparta became a leading power in Greece. This dagger is copied from an original in our possession (which is pictured above) that dates from the 9th -7th century BC-older than the Peloponnesian War but a design that was still in vogue at the time. The blade is bronze with a full profile tang like the original. The original likely had wood scales (which would have rotted); we've used bone because we like how the color contrasts with bronze. The handle is very slim and is scalloped to aid grip during a thrust. The crescent-shaped pommel is an integral part of the tang and is flush with the scales. We've designed the sheath to be worthy of nobility (the original dagger doesn't have one), with a highly embellished bronze throat and tip and three square medallions. The inside of the sheath is wood and covered with leather. A bronze ring is attached for lashing the sheath to a belt. A unique weapon suitable for any historical collection. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.PLEASE NOTE: The blade is bronze. When bronze is exposed to the elements, it will oxidize and develop a discoloration similar to the pictures. This patina is a natural, harmless occurrence that happens over time. When new, the blade will not have this exact patina.


Reliks Product ID 6995
Manufacturer SKU 404463
Blade Length 7"
Blade Material Bronze
Blade Width 1 1/4"
Edge Type Un-Sharpened
Full Length 11"
Weight 6 oz

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