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Functional Daggers

The functional daggers offered at Reliks.com are “Real Daggers” with hand forged high carbon steel blades. These functional daggers are perfect for medieval re-enactments. These daggers are constructed to handle the “battle ready” abuse of re-enactment, stage and production duels and are finely crafted to be suitable at the medieval dinner table to carve the roast beast, during a medieval feast.

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Decorative Daggers

The decorative daggers offered here are also inspired by medieval times and the world of fantasy. Though they aren't meant for medieval combat or training they are real daggers that look great for cosplay, on display or during any medieval event or feast.

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Scottish Dirk

The Scottish dirk is a traditional Scottish weapon that has been in use for centuries. It is a dagger-like weapon that has a single-edged blade and a long hilt that can be used for striking, hooking, and parrying. It was commonly used by the Scottish Highlanders as a self-defense weapon during the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Viking Seax

The Viking Seax was used for combat and daily tasks like chopping wood, hunting, and farming.

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Training Daggers

Dagger training was essential as was open hand combat techniques to the medieval knight. As armour developed and became more and more impervious to the sword weapons like the dagger and rondel were perfectly suited for penetrating into weak areas of the armor

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