Medieval Teutonic Dagger

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Most feared military order of their time

The German Teutonic Knights were a military order that played a significant role in European history during the medieval period. They were one of the most renowned and feared military orders of their time. The order was originally established to provide medical care for pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. However, after the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187, the order turned to military pursuits, and its members became known as warrior-monks.

The Anatomy of a Medieval German Dagger

Medieval German daggers were typically made from a combination of iron, steel, and other materials. The craftsmen at Deepeeka have forged this dagger from high carbon steel. The blade is double-sided with a raised ridge. The hilt (handle) was from wood and wrapped in leather. Some original pieces may have also used materials like bone and ivory. The pommel is a made in a classic 8-sided pattern while the crossguard (the piece that separates the blade from the handle) quillons are in an acorn shape complimenting the pommel design.

Dagger of the Teutonic Knights

The Teutonic Knights were known for their skill in battle, and their weapons played a crucial role in their success. One of the weapons commonly used by the Teutonic Knights was the medieval dagger. The German dagger was a short, double-edged blade that was used for thrusting and penetrating the armour of the time. The dagger was typically worn at the waist or on the back, and it was an essential part of the Teutonic Knight's arsenal.


Reliks Product ID 7161
Manufacturer SKU AH6991R
Blade Length 12 1/4"
Blade Material C60 High Carbon Steel
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Dagger Weight 1.6 lb
Dagger, Scabbard Weight 1.8 lb
Edge Type Un-Sharpened
Full Length 19 1/4"
Grip Length 4"
Handle Material Leather
Pommel Peened
Scabbard Leather Wrapped / Wood Core

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