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Leave Nothing To Fate

A more obvious Gus Trim design, the A.P.O.C. Cutlass possesses numerous construction nuances of said creator. Revealing his subtle style in the contours of the 21 1/2" Black Oxide coated blade, the tapered back edge of the tip and a reinforcing fuller running from the sweet spot to the choil scream an Atrim blade. No doubt the A.P.O.C. Cutlass will soon arise a favorite for single or two-handed close quarters combat. With an overall length of 29 3/4" weighing merely 1 lbs 15 oz this piece becomes most useful when scavenging for food and supplies within dilapidated buildings or as a side piece on your bugout vehicle or survival pack traversing the wasteland. With the 8 1/8” handle the younger survivors in your group can contribute to the protection of the family and its resources. Again, the G10 handle slabs, rivets and blade profile are smoothly flush all around preventing blisters or lesions helping avoid infection while providing a secure grip. The double hooked guard prevents your hands from sliding onto the blade edge. The black textured fiberglass sheaths are fitted to a Molle compatible kydex platform that allows you to secure your swords to belt or pack in multiple carry positions. For belt or sling carry setups the platform has four slots 1 3/8" long and 1/8" wide. A notch in the handle and the platform allows for stealth unsheathing as well as locking the sword securely for inverted maneuvers. No preparations for the end times are complete without an A.P.O.C. tactical sword for when the bullets run out, the knives are too short and your life is on the line.


Reliks Product ID 6438
Manufacturer SKU SD35500
Blade Length 21 1/2"
Blade Material 9260 Spring Steel
Blade Thickness at Guard 5.8 mm
Full Length 29 3/4"
Handle Length 8 1/8"
Handle Material G10
Point of Balance 3"
Scabbard Fiberglass
Weight 1 lb 15 oz

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M - Verified Buyer

"One in a series of great swords - well worth purchasing."

G - Verified Buyer

"Everything was delivered as ordered. Excellent product, fun to use."

T - Verified Buyer

"Very nice balance and feel to the blade, with blade presence but not too front heavy, the only negative is that the handle feels a little slippery in the hand as received, I corrected this by filing in 6 grooves in the handle in the forward section between the two forward fasteners and this greatly improved the grip security. The swage false edge is not sharpened but was easy for me to sharpened it using my belt sander. I think most people would be satisfied with it as out of the box, but my minor modifications made the sword better for me. The main edge was paper cutting sharp out of the box."

A - Verified Buyer

"I am pleased with my APOC Cutlass, although it is rather rough around the edges. The tang and handle are not ground perpendicular and one of the Hex bolt heads is rounded out, right out of the box. The edge is sharpish, but the grind is uneven. "

H - Verified Buyer

"I had an issue with the first one that was sent out, but I connected with Jamie and he took care of it. Top marks for customer service! Thank you Jamie! The cutlass looks great and feels good in the hand. I am looking forward to swinging it at some cardboard boxes."

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