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Woodsman and Reenactor's Axe

Step back in time with our Viking Hand Axe, a historically-inspired masterpiece perfect for the Viking reenactor and woodsman. This axe, a result of the creative minds of Lynn C. Thompson, Dave Baker, and Rich McDonald, boasts a robust 30" American Hickory handle, ensuring a steady grip and enduring strength reminiscent of the Viking era. The wide, hooking "beard" and pronounced, up-swept "horn" of the axe not only add to historical accuracy but also make it a formidable replica of a traditional Viking fighting axe. While it is a standout piece for any reenactor’s collection, its edge geometry is suited for sharpening, allowing for practical use at camp, demonstrations or events. We recommend adding the Reliks Factory+Edge sharpening service for a more authentic and functional edge. This Skeggox is great how it is but also leaves room for your to customize your axe in true Viking fashion.

What is a Skeggox?

The term "Skeggox" refers to a type of axe that was commonly used during the Viking Age, roughly from the late 8th to the early 11th century. The name comes from Old Norse, where "skegg" means beard and "øx" means axe, hence it's often called a "bearded axe." This design is a defining characteristic of the Skeggox and has made it an iconic symbol of Viking weaponry and culture.

The most distinctive feature of the Skeggox is its bearded blade. The lower part of the axe head extends downwards to form a hook or "beard." This design increases the cutting edge without adding weight to the axe, making it both efficient and versatile. The beard also allowed warriors to hook onto shields or limbs in combat.


Reliks Product ID 6063
Manufacturer SKU 90WVBA
Available Options Factory+ Edge (add to cart to select)
Blade Material 1055 Carbon Steel
Edge Length 6"
Full Length 30"
Handle Material American Hickory
Head Length 6 1/4"
Weight 17.6 oz

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S - Verified Buyer

"terrible fitting but i knew what was expected and requires customizing "

Response: They are left loose so they can climatize without cracking handles. Please let us know if you need help adjusting.

A - Verified Buyer

"very poor fit on handle - expected this, but handle may be too small to fix the fit"

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