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Hero's Double Bladed Axe

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

Hero's Double Bladed Axe
Paul Chen - Hanwei

The Legendary Hero's Axe

The hero's double bladed battle axe comes from the medieval battlefield and is probably one of the most iconic axes ever made. We have seen it carried by dwarves in almost every film that the dwarf has been played. It was even used in iconic arcade games like “Golden Axe”. If you played games like Dungeon's and Dragons I would bet there was at least one member of your group carried an axe like this. Now you can have it for real. This axe is the ultimate man cave display or the coolest axe to ever chop your firewood.

How it is Built

This axe doesn't just look great it has a tough forged tool steel head with razor sharp edges. Tree's, Ogres or Orcs, this axe is up to the challenge. At almost 30” overall with 10” polished edges this axe is fearsome and with graceful lines, this axe is the ultimate combination of form and function. Leather edge covers for the tempered edges are provided for safe portability.

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  • Product Code: 436
  • SKU: XH1074
  • Brand: Paul Chen - Hanwei
  • Blade Length: 8 3/4"
  • Class: Functional
  • Edge Type: Sharpened
  • Full Length: 30"
  • Weight: 4 lb

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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