Peace Wakizashi

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Hamidashi Tsuba

The Peace Wakizashi was designed by Keith Larman of Summerchild Polishing as both a companion piece to Bugei's popular Peace Katana, but also as a blade that would be strong, tough, beautiful, and would appeal to modern practicing martial artists. Bugei asked the Hanwei forge to fold the steel an extra time to get the finer grain that is distinctive of the Peace Katana. A sedated suguha hamon on the Swedish Powder Steel gives it a very subtle but elegant look. The hamon is deep with vivid nioi and on close inspection you can see the interaction of the suguha (temper line) with the underlying finely folded steel. The Peace Wakizashi has fittings that accent the Peace Katana but with with some intentional variations. This was common on traditional Japanese Dasiho as the Katana and Wakizashi rarely matched perfectly. The Peace Wakizashi features a hamidashi tsuba (small tsuba) designed to be carried in the obi alongside the katana without too much restriction. The fuchi, kashira and menuki match the Peace Katana and the saya is decorated similar with grasses starting to grow, hand brushed in gold paint. The tsuka is built for one handed use, with blackened same (rayskin) and the ito wrapped in real silk.

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The Peace Wakizashi is a great companion piece to the Peace Katana that is made in the same tradition and high quality materials, yet can stand alone in superior functionality and grace.


Reliks Product ID 6737
Manufacturer SKU SW1673
Blade Length 20 1/4"
Blade Material ASSAB-K120C Powder Steel
Full Length 26 1/2"
Tsuka Length 6"

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