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By: Kingston Arms

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Club Sport Federschwert - HEMA Sparring Longsword

The Kingston Arms Sport Feder is an answer to the clubs, beginners and even seasoned practitioners that want a light, fast, safe and affordable sparring sword for HEMA longsword sparring. This federschwert was designed to be safe in the thrust by flexing in the last third of the blade while keeping the rest of the sword stiff in the bind. The tip is slightly flared in thickness as well and can be used as it is with proper equipment or fitted with a leather mask or plastic tip for an added degree of safety. Other features include a ramped thumb guard, allowing easy placement of a gloved thumb onto and off the blade during guard transitions. The pommel is indexed to the flat of the blade, making it second nature to distinguish proper edge alignment with the rearward hand. The wood core grip is in a well rounded rectangular cross section and tightly bound with an overwrap of cord to provide a firm grip.


Reliks Product ID 6507
Manufacturer SKU SM36070
Blade Length 38 1/4"
Blade Material 9260 Spring Steel
Full Length 51 1/2"
Handle Length 11"
Weight 3 lb 1oz

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S - Verified Buyer

"This is a fantastic entry level sword for HEMA. It is light, manoeuvrable and well constructed. The only drawback this sword has is the wrap on the handle will come off eventually, but it's easy to use hockey tape or leather or fabric to cover it up again. If you're getting into HEMA longsword and you are on a budget, this is a great start. "

T - Verified Buyer

"Well managed to get a couple of practices with it outdoors before the cold and snow made that too uncomfortable ( Written December 25, 2021 ). It really like it as well as my longsword training partner since I purchased the Feder in pairs to be able to practice using the same training tool. Now, this is a well made Feder, solid in every way, no loose guard or squeaky noises coming from the handle. For a Feder is it rather robust as it's the Stage Version of the Feder, so the blade is fairly stiff and very similar to a training blunt like my Albion one: I mention this as the other Feder on your site is the one with a lighter much more flexible blade that may be safer for thrusts. With this Feder one must either use a lot of control avoiding actual body hits when training or friendly duelling, or one must use protective gear if one wants full contact duelling, but any " Sane " practitioners will still pull their hits even in competitive duels for the sake of safety. But bottom line it's a very attractive Feder with great handling and balance, the thick edges are very rounded and in light contact so far have shown no tendency to take damage. Oh, the tip/points had slight burrs or too squarish corners left over from machining or grinding, this was easily fixed with a bit of stoning to round out the flats of the rounded points"

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