Pole Axe

By: Windlass Steelcrafts LAST CHANCE

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European Polearm

We ran across this axe in a private collection and immediately decided we needed to replicate it. With a long history of use, the pole axe was very popular in the lists, with the winner being decided by the number of blows fairly struck. It was also used in serious duels, where the winner was the one who could walk away from the field. But even so, it was also quite popular for use on the field of battle. At 68" in length, the pole axe (also called a poll axe, since it was used to hit the head) was quite handy. With a good sharp point it could be used as a short spear, the back hammer or spike could be used to batter or pierce armour, and the axe head itself was quite lethal. This is a superb copy, with a high carbon blade and langets to protect the shaft. A magnificent example of a polearm. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.


Reliks Product ID 2307
Manufacturer SKU 600640
Class Functional
Edge Type Un-Sharpened
Full Length 68"
Weight 4 lb 12 oz

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J - Verified Buyer

"Love it! The more I handle this the better I feel about the purchase. Well built and solid all the way through (that said, the butt cap rattles a little but this is pretty minor). There is a tiny bit of a bend on the back spike that causes it to be out of line with the axe, but will be easy enough to bend back and shouldn’t deter anyone from picking this pole arm up. All edged components seem quite sturdy and functional (and dull as to be expected), and are mounted on a hardwood handle making for an impressive weapon in your hands or on your wall. "

L - Verified Buyer