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"Troy conquered by dory."

The Greek spear has a rich history and was the primary weapon used by warriors in Homer's Iliad. The spear was used in two different styles of combat, the early style with thrusting spears dating back to the Mycenaean period, and a later style with throwing spears.

During the Ancient Greek period, the dory or doru spear was the main armament used by heavy infantry soldiers known as hoplites. The word "dory" was first used in Homer and had two meanings, "wood" and "spear." Homeric heroes were often depicted holding two dorys, and during the classical period, the dory was a symbol of military power. In fact, it was considered more important than the sword, as shown in expressions like "Troy conquered by dory."

How are Greek Spearheads Made?

Today, we offer Greek spearheads that pay homage to this iconic weapon. We hope that owning one of our spearheads will allow you to connect with the rich history of Ancient Greece and the legacy of the Greek spear. Unlike the originals that were often made from made from bronze and iron, Deepeeka uses a modern EN45 High Carbon Steel to forge the heads. They are tempered and suitable for full reenactments, western martial arts and cosplay.


Reliks Product ID 7159
Manufacturer SKU AH6126I-HD
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Diameter 7/8"
Full Length 14 1/2"
Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Weight 1 lb

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