Javelin Head

By: Windlass Steelcrafts LAST CHANCE
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The Greek Peltast Javelin Tactics

The Greek Peltasts or light infantry of ancient Greece were armed with multiple light javelins which often were affixed with throwing straps to increase standoff power and range. In addition to the javelins they would also carry a short sword a light shield and light helmet. The peltasts were known for their frustrating fighting style. When fighting the Greek hoplite they were out matched in armor and weaponry so they would overwhelm them with javelins then flee. Because they were much lighter they could run faster to a safe distance than continue the javelin attack. When faced with a cavalry charge the Peltast did not try to stop them, they would open their ranks allowing the cavalry to run right through and exposing them to attack them from all sides with javelin and sword.

How it's Made

Our javelin head has been modelled from use these ancient yet deadly spears. Hand forged from high carbon steel and properly tempered they are made to be thrown into traditional spear targets. The heads are made so you can fit them on 7/8" diameter wooden shaft with minimal work.


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Manufacturer SKU 600038
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Width 1 3/4"
Full Length 9"
Head Length 4 3/4"
Weight 6 oz

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