Flat End Butt Cap

By: Windlass Steelcrafts LAST CHANCE

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Spear Balancing

With the discovery of metal, spears became much more effective. In just about all cultures metal butt caps were used to protect the base of the shaft, and to add balance to the overall weapon. Can be used for any spear since the beginning of the Iron Age. Well made of mild steel, and give an improved appearance as well as balancing the spear. Generic, and do not represent any one specific time or place. The outside diameter of the throat is aprox 1 1/8" Will accept a larger pole once tapered. Ready to mount. 5" overall. Wt.-8 oz.


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H - Verified Buyer

"I fitted it to the end of my new hiking staff as it is several inches longer than normal cane ferrules and therefore better in mud. A rubber crutch tip fits on it perfectly for use on pavement. Very pleased."

D - Verified Buyer

"Good quality, and had the same diameter as the spear head so was easy to put on"

A - Verified Buyer

"Well-made and does the job."

T - Verified Buyer

"Very good and solid for use as a spear butt cap but I have been using these on the walking sticks or walking staffs that I have made for myself, for many years I bought these from another vender in the USA, I'm happy that RELIKS stock these because shipping costs are way too high if one is ordering just a small item from the USA, and the shipping can end up costing more than the product purchased."

G - Verified Buyer

"Its a butt cap, it is rounded and well cast, it should do the job it is made for. ;)"

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