Assegai Spear - Head Only

By: Cold Steel

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Price (USD): $59.99


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The Zulu Assegai (as-uh-gahy) Spear heads are 13.3 inches long and made from SK-5 medium carbon steel, heat treated and drawn to a tough spring temper, and designed to flex or bend under impact forces rather than breaking or shattering. The spear-head comes with a protective Secure-Ex sheath made of hard tactical impact plastic with an added nylon retaining strap.


Reliks Product ID 5242
Manufacturer SKU 95EWS
Blade Material SK-5 Medium Carbon
Blade Width at Widest Point 2 1/2"
Full Length 13.3"
Weight 12.8 oz

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"It is everything I had expected and more. It's well made and really sharp. It was a breeze to mount. "

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"Love it!"

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"Higher quality than I thought it would be."

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"This spear head is so much more impressive in person and its a breeze to mount to a pole. Super happy with my purchase "