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Leather Knife Strop

Leather Knife Strop

Mirror Edge

Polishing the edge of a sharp knife is called stropping. Stropping removes the last small imperfections of the knife edge and increases the sharpness. Stropping also makes the cutting edge shine like a mirror, otherwise called a "mirror-edge". It is a technique that many people associate with classic razors, but also outdoor knives, pocket knives and kitchen knives benefit from stropping. This leather hanging strop can be hung from a fixed object like a wall, counter or barber chair for both storage and use. On one end of the strop is a clasp and on the other a generously sized handle. Attach a sturdy anchor point like an eye bolt to a wall or counter, hang the strop by the clasp from your anchor point and then grab the handle to pull it taut when using.

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Product Code: 6738

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  • Product Code: 6738
  • SKU: 172577-19
  • Full Length: 22"
  • Length: 14 1/2"
  • Width: 1 1/2"

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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"Well made and easy to use if one has something solid to clamp the end of it: I've use the handle of a 35 kettle bell as an anchor point for the strop using a piece of rope around the handle to have an easy place to clamp the end of the strop to. Learning how to best use it, but so far it has made some hair popping sharp edges of some of my knives into scary shave sharp edges. Very useful and better than using an old piece of cardboard as a strop, although that does work as an improvised strop. Price was very reasonable and a good purchase." - (5/5)

"Good size. Easy to attach anywhere. Good grip. Will keep my knifes sharp." - (5/5)

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