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Becker VZ Grips

By: Ka-Bar Knives

Becker VZ Grips
Ka-Bar Knives

Upgrade your full size Becker knives with these contoured, textured G10 handles made by VZ Grips. One pair of scales per order. Work with standard hardware. Made in the USA.

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  • Product Code: 6169
  • SKU: BK2VZ
  • Brand: Ka-Bar Knives

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"Quality is outstanding. The 3D geometry is a near perfect match to the original factory scales. I'm sure Ethan Becker approves. Other G10 brands, like The Knife Connection, look thinner, may require liners and are more 2D, and online reviews state the same. They also weigh about 3 ounces more than the stock scales, which moves the balance point back toward the handle. The BK9 is more blade heavy without them and I find they improve the overall feel of the knife. Also, the entire feel and look of the BK9 is elevated from budget (Kershaw class) to high end (TOPS class). They are an essential upgrade, in my honest opinion. I do wish the VZ Grips came in other colour options, as these ones are slightly too visible in my opinion. Also, one potential drawback in the design: as they are a fibreglass-reinforced material, the grip texturing will feel harsh until you wear it down with use. I'm thinking this will take a long time. If you want a nicer feel straight out of the box, buy the micarta scales. If you want long-term durability, toughness and impermeability to moisture and oils, you can't go wrong with these VZs. All I need now to complete the BK9 upgrade is Kydex." - (5/5)

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