Secure-Ex C-Clip - Small

By: Cold Steel

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Price (USD): $6.99


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Belt Clip

Cold Steel's Secure-Ex C-Clips, invented by Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths, make it possible to attach your Cold Steel knives to belts up to 1-1/2 inches wide! Mikes clever design includes mounting slots that facilitate wearing your knife vertically, upside down, or even on a forward or backward slant! They are available in two sizes to accommodate large and small sheaths, and are supplied with all the essential hardware (screws and rubber washers). Plus, they can be attached to either side of your sheath so, if you want to, you can wear your knife inside your waistband! As an added bonus the C-Clips fit many other manufacturers and custom knife makers sheaths as well. Pack of 2. Fits up to 1 3/4" wide and 1/4" thick; belts, straps, molle, etc.


Reliks Product ID 7074
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