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2 Step Knife Sharpener

2 Step Knife Sharpener - 50726 -

Features pre-set tungsten carbide cutting heads and fine ceramic rods set at approximately 23 degree angles on each side, 46 degree combined sharpening angle. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Excellent for use on all types of straght-edged knives. Coarse/Carbide - Pre-set Tungsten Carbide cutting blades provide quick edge setting capabilities and are excellent for use on very dull knives or knives that have a damaged edge. Three or four strokes is all it takes. Fine/Ceramic - Two Pre-set Fine Ceramic rods provide a smooth finished edge on already sharp knives.

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Product Code: 2692

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  • Product Code: 2692
  • SKU: 50726

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4/5 average from 19 reviews

Reliks Customer Reviews

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"Works very well, and is quite easy to use. I've used it several times and see no deterioration in quality as of yet. The only problem with it is that depending on the knife, you may not be able to sharpen all the way to the base of the blade (the intended sharpened area), if the handle conflicts with the design of the sharpener. Either way, most of the blade will be sharpened." - (5/5)

"Great product for the price!, I spent about ten seconds on each side of the sharpener and my knife slid through paper like nothing." - (4/5)

"Not as amazing as I had heard but still a great product." - (4/5)

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