1000/3000 Grit Sharpening Stone

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Corundum Whetstone

1000/3000 double sided knife sharpening whetstone.1000 grit is perfect for sharpening equivalent to majority of factory edges on knives or swords and the 3000 grit is ideal for finishing and mirror polishing the edge. The double sided stone can also be used to maintain edge sharpeness or for light touch ups to an already sharp knife. The 1000/3000 Sharpening Stone is made from high quality corundum and is suitable for most chef knives, pocket knives, straight razors, swords, daggers, and most precision edges. This whetstone also comes complete with a non-slip silicone base to secure the stone in place on most surfaces. The stone can be soaked briefly in water before use and it is suggested to keep some extra water nearby to keep wet while sharpening.


Reliks Product ID 6754
Manufacturer SKU 212874
Length 7 1/8"
Material Corundum
Width 2 3/8"

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Q - Verified Buyer

"Looks good, have not used the stone yet. "

B - Verified Buyer

"It is a good-sized whetstone which makes sharpening larger blades easy and the silicone stand ensures the stone does not move on you. The stone took blunt kitchen knives and made them pass the paper test within three minutes of sharpening. As well it made a dull high carbon blade slice through flimsy newsprint after a few passes over the stone. All things considered pretty cool rock."