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Letter Openers /Minis

Perhaps opening your letter with a 3 foot sword is not as practical as it sounds. Why not try out these medieval and sword inspired letter openers for the task? Reliks offers a variety of medieval inspired letter openers as well as medieval swords, daggers and knife miniatures for your collection.

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Decor /Oddities

At this is the section where we put... I'm sorry I don't know exactly what we put in this section? I guess you will find décor items, mirrors or maybe a skull. You may even find a one of kind thing-a-ma-bopper or a limited edition do-hicky. This section is where we put items that don't quite seem to fit into any other categories.

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Macqueen Pipes

Canadian made MacQueen hand made pipes are fully functional pipes. They offer some very unique designs that would be appealing to any hobbit, wizard and dwarves alike. They are not just for smoking. These pipes are a great costume accessories for cosplay and larping events.

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Gift Cards

Looking for a gift but not sure what they would like or what they have? No problem, Reliks gift certificates are available and redeemable online at or in person at our retail store in London Ontario Canada. They never expire and there is no limit on how many you can redeem on any order.

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