Sword Edge Types Available and The Differences Explained

Sword Edge Types

These are the different edge types you will find on our functional swords. Each edge has a specific purpose and is noted in the product specifications section.

Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional

This is one of the most common edge types found in our functional swords - European swords section. “Edge Ready” means that this sword is not sharp but is forged with a proper edge geometry so that it can be sharpened easily without having to re-shape or remove to much material. Swords with this edge type can be used on stage or for reenactment as they are not sharp and are crafted with a functional tempered steel. These swords are also very good cutting swords because of the blades geometry with our optional sharpening service added.


Most of our functional Japanese swords will be listed as “Sharpened”. These swords are constructed for martial arts cutting practice. They have an edge suitable for cutting tatami mat in tamashigiri right out of the box. The sharpened swords from any of our functional swords sections should be handled with the same respect you would have with a loaded firearm. If being purchased for cutting and not for collection purposes it is advised that you seek out proper training to ensure you can use a sword safely. The swords listed as “Sharp” are suitable for cutting and should never be used for re-enactment, sword play or a “sword on sword” stage performance.

Stage (not sharpened)

The swords we list as “Stage” are best suited for theatrical style duels. These swords are constructed with a non-traditional edge geometry to help re-enforce the impact of edge on edge sword play. The edges on a stage sword are very thick to stand up to the abuse of rehearsal, performance as well as being suited for historical re-enactment. These swords do not have an option for sharpening as the overall geometry of the blade would have to be altered to such extreme that the blade would be unusable if attempted.


The functional swords found on our site that are listed as “un-sharpened” are simply swords that do not have an edge. What makes these functional swords different form the “Edge Ready” blade type is the purpose of the blade is not intended to have an edge. These type swords are functional for non-contact performance but are structurally built to withstand vigorous movement without coming apart like a decorative sword can. Some swords may be un-sharpened due to the unique shape of the blade or type of guard not being compatible with the sharpening equipment we use, therefor we cannot offer a sharpening service for that particular sword. If this is the case you would be able to hand sharpen the sword.

Un-Sharpened (For Iaito)

These swords are purposely built for Iaito. The martial art form Iaito (the art of sword drawing) requires un-sharpened katana. This sword is not intended to have an edge so no sharpening is offered. These pieces are built to the same standards as a sharpened katana for sword drawing and Kata demonstrations only.