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Two Handed Norman Sword

By: Darksword Armory

Two Handed Norman Sword
Darksword Armory

The Two handed Norman Sword, Known for its crucifix form, is the quintessential medieval sword. Presented in the Bayeux Tapestry: an embroidery that depicts the Norman Conquest, the Norman Sword, classified as type XI with elements of type XIIa, is elegant in its simplicity. The Normans (also called Northmen or Norsemen) were the descendants of the Scandinavian Vikings who raided the European coastal settlements at the outset of the 8th century. Despite the Norman’s conversion to Christianity and their adoption of Frankish way of life, the Normans retained many of the traits of their Germanic ancestors. Working on the Two Handed Norman Sword was a Challenging endeavor. Given the historical significance and popularity of Norman swords, we opted to recreate a Two handed version of the traditional single handed Norman swords depicted in the Bayeux tapestry. The Guard, being very symbolic, served not only as a cross for praying prior to battles and ceremonies, but also as a counter block in combat. The Guard, individually crafted from mild steel and finely shaped with smooth octagonal lines, is further accentuated by the decorated leather wrapped Oak handle.The two handed Norman sword is not only one of our best sellers, it is one of the top “Staff picks” in our collection. Hand crafted and properly engineered for durability in combat, the Two Handed Norman sword, is a very solid, responsive, and perfectly balanced weapon. The blade, hand forged with 5160 High Carbon Steel, is skillfully Dual Hardened for precise cutting while remaining flexible for enduring combat. In a nutshell, the Two handed Norman Sword is a finely crafted sword that is built to last ! Available with Standard or Interlaced Sword Belt Scabbard.

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Sharpening Service ( $17.99 ) We sharpen single or double sided cutting edges so they are suitable for cutting sword targets. If an artificial edge is present (commonly found on cutlass). The artificial edge will not be sharpnened as it is not meant to be sharp.

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  • Product Code: 4501
  • SKU: DA1336
  • Brand: Darksword Armory
  • Blade Length: 35.5"
  • Blade Material: 5160 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 2.02 mm
  • Blade Width at Guard: 2"
  • Edge Type: Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional
  • Full Length: 45.5"
  • Point of Balance: 6.5"
  • Scabbard: Leather Wrapped / Wood Core
  • Scabbard Options: Standard or Interlaced
  • Weight: 3 lb 2 oz

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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"it is my first sword so i really do not know much" - (4/5)

"Better than expected. Last DSA sword I purchased had some issues but bought from another store. " - (3/5)

"Well designed and handles well. A little on the heavy side by about 0.5 lbs. but proper training will enhance effectivness with each slash. This sword is more for slashing than thrusting as the tip seems to be heavier on the taper. Construction is exellent and nice authentic look with the hand forged divets and peened pomel. Very nice and would recomend this sword for anyone who wants quality for the price; can't beat it! " - (4/5)

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