Practical Tai Chi Sword

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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The Practical Tai-Chi swords from Hanwei have been developed in response to many requests for a quality Tai-Chi sword for everyday practice. The functional sword features three blade lengths, to suit the individual requirements of the Tai-Chi practitioner. All models feature steel guards and pommels, plated to harmonize the color scheme of the sword. The blades are fully tempered high-carbon steel with a flattened-diamond blade section that is moderately stiff while allowing for some flexibility. The Practical Tai Chi has a blade length of 28",30" or 32". Aprox. 1.4 lbs.


Reliks Product ID 520
Manufacturer SKU sh2008
Available Options 28 in Blade ,30 in Blade ,32 in Blade (add to cart to select)

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R - Verified Buyer

"I bought this sword because I already have two practical tai chi swords, which I like very much, except that they have a sharp edge, which makes practicing tai chi and Xing "

S - Verified Buyer

"A beautiful piece of workmanship"

F - Verified Buyer

"I have several taiji swords and this one is above the rest in term of quality and looks. I have the 28 inches version. Awesome sword."

Y - Verified Buyer

"I was very pleased."

K - Verified Buyer

"Absolutely perfect.... only 2 lengths available... 30 inch and 28 inch...exactly our sizes!! Very well made and elegant.. and a pretty good price!"

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