Chinese Leaf Gim

By: Cold Steel

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Rosewood Scabbard

The Chinese Leaf Gim is considered a civilian weapon. It is not well purposed for the rigors of battle, where it could be opposed by much larger and heavier weapons. It was, more or less, a gentleman’s side arm, that was impressive in appearance, but sturdy enough to offer good defense in the streets, or open fields. The Cold Steel interpretation has a 33 ¼ inch high carbon, heat treated blade. It is relatively light in weight so it can be manipulated from the fingers, wrist, and forearm much like a western small sword. Traditionally used primarily for thrusting, it is almost equally adept at cutting and slashing and can deliver a truly frightening blow. The Rosewood grip and matching scabbard complement the guard and pommel, and other fittings that are cast in stainless steel to resist corrosion. The Chinese Leaf Gim is meant to be an easily carried, highly functional everyday sword suitable for our modern environment with just enough embellishment to make it really catch your eye and give years of pleasure, and protection.


Reliks Product ID 7123
Manufacturer SKU SW-CHNGIM
Blade Length 33 1/4"
Blade Material 1060 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 5 mm
Full Length 40 1/4"
Handle Length 7"
Weight 30.2 oz

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