Taotie Jian Longsword

By: Dragon King

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Chinese Folklore

Rooted deeply in Chinese culture going back to the Neolithic age and first finding expression during the Shang and Zhou dynasties as a monster mask on bronze ritual vessels, the legend of the taotie still manifests in modern cutlery on eating utensils and plates. The Taotie (gluttonous monster) consumes permissively and according to myth eventually human flesh. Punished by the gods for his overindulgence, as a warning to others the gods took away his body and jaw so all he can do was eat constantly, leaving nothing but a head and gaping mouth. The artisans of Dragon King conceived this new take on this ancient warning in the form of the Taotie Jian. The classic zoomorphic head motif is featured embossed on the pommel and the guard. The 37 3/4" blade's 7" ricasso (3/8" thick at base!) reenforces the overall strength for powerful thrusts and blocks. The 12 1/2" wood core handle is prestinely thin cord wrapped which allows for an easy grip for a 51 1/2" long sword. A black lacquered scabbard with matching accents secures this beast.


Reliks Product ID 6914
Manufacturer SKU SD13790
Blade Length 37 3/4"
Blade Material 5160
Full Length 51 1/2"
Handle Length 12 1/2"
Point of Balance 6"
Weight 2 lb 6 oz

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