Chinese Saber

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Hand Forged Dao

China has had a long history in wars, and other events which led to the creation of some unique weaponry. The Chinese Saber, for example, is just that sort of weapon: a horseman’s saber that is equally adaptable by foot soldiers in the field. Our Chinese Saber is hand forged from high carbon steel. The blade features a single ¾ length fuller and is moderately curved along its length, terminating in an upswept point, making it ideal for cutting and slashing without giving up its thrusting potential. The hilt features a solid brass disc guard, deeply engraved in the classical style. The handle has a hardwood core and is braided with black silk cord and capped with a brass bolster and pommel. The scabbard is fashioned in hardwood and covered in black leather and features brass decorative fittings. While doubtlessly a Chinese Saber in style, this sword could easily work for any Steppe warrior re-enactor and is particularly well-suited to Mongolian, Chinese, Manchurian re-enactors, and martial artists.


Reliks Product ID 7141
Manufacturer SKU SW-CHNSBR
Blade Length 29"
Blade Material 1060 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 6 mm
Full Length 36"
Handle Length 7"
Scabbard Wood/Leather
Weight 32.3 oz

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