Chinese Cutting Jian

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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Scott Rodell Design

Designed by noted martial artist and teacher Scott M. Rodell, Hanwei's Chinese Cutting Sword provides a purpose-built weapon for the art of cutting in Chinese Swordsmanship. Utilizing a special steel formulation and heat treatment regimen developed by Hanwei, the blade optimizes edge hardness and body toughness, ideal characteristics in a cutting sword. The elegantly simple steel fittings reinforce the sword's mission, providing uncluttered lines while still remaining true to tradition. The black leather-over-cranberry rayskin grip ensures secure handling. A rosewood scabbard with fittings matching the hilt completes an attractive package. Scott M. Rodell's martial arts career includes over 30 years of training in Yang Style Taijiquan. He has trained under several noted Chinese masters, in both the U.S. and China. He is the founding Director of the Great River Taoist Center, headquartered in Virginia with branches across the U.S., Russia, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany and Australia. Rodell is the author of several books including: "Chinese Swordsmanship, the Yang Family Taiji Jian Tradition”, “Dandaofa Xuan - Chinese Long Saber Anthology”, “Fundamentals of the Wudang Sword Method - Selected Translations with Commentary from a Manual of Chinese Swordsmanship”, “Shi Jian Pu - Manual of Ten Sword Skills - A Hand Book of Chinese Swordsmanship”, and "A Practical Guide to Test Cutting for Historical Swordsmanship", all of which are highly recommended.


Reliks Product ID 4561
Manufacturer SKU SH2429
Blade Length 29"
Blade Material 5160 High Carbon Steel
Full Length 39 1/2"
Handle Length 8 1/2"
Weight 2lb 2oz

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S - Verified Buyer

"Love this weapon! Well designed, amazing balance, sturdy fittings, sharp in all the right places and it looks gorgeous."

B - Verified Buyer

"The cutting Jian arrived with blemishes on the blade. When I contacted customer support they immediately sent out product to deal with it and the blemishes could be removed. So, excellent customer support, but not great that the product has blemishes."

Response: Sorry about that, I'm happy you were able to get that cleaned up

S - Verified Buyer

"Very nice and Very good Sword Thank You ! I recommend it"

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