Tori XL Katana

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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Competitive Cutting

The Tori XL Katana from Hanwei combines truly elegant furniture and a powder-steel forged and folded blade with the functionality of our Performance Series. Designed for maximum cutting power in heavy targets, the Tori XL katana features a ”Flying Crane” themed Tsuba and Fuchi/Kashira with Kabuto inspired Menuki. The high quality brown leather Tsuka-ito is wrapped over black Same. The Saya is wrapped at the mouth with black-lacquered rattan and finished in a textured brown. This katana sword is built for Martial Artists who are looking to perform competitive cutting. Designed strictly for competitive cutting, our XL Katana blades incorporate the geometry, strength, weight and profile needed for successful cuts on substantial targets. Featuring differential heat treatment and a narrow edge angle, these wide blades will reward good technique with clean cuts and excellent durability.


Reliks Product ID 4049
Manufacturer SKU SH6007XFF
Blade Length 28 1/2"
Blade Material K120C
Blade Thickness at Tip .13"
Blade Type XL Katana
Blade Width at Guard 1.44"
Blade Width at Tip 1.12"
Full Length 40 1/2"
Handle Length 11"
Point of Balance 5"
Sori 3/4"
Weight 2 lb 11 oz

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