Tori XL Katana - Photo Gallery

tori xl katana

The Hanwei Tori Xl Katana built for the martial artist.

tori xl blade shape

Designed strictly for competitive cutting, our XL Katana blades incorporate the geometry, strength, weight and profile needed for successful cuts on substantial targets.

tori xl tsuba

The Tori XL katana features a ”Flying Crane” themed tsuba.

k120c katana blade

Folded K120C Powder Steel Blade.

tori xl tsuka

The high quality brown leather Tsuka-ito is wrapped over black Same.

tori xl katana habaki

Brass habaki and seppa on the Tori XL Katana.

hanwei tori xl katana

The Tori XL Katana from Hanwei combines truly elegant furniture and a powder-steel forged and folded blade with the functionality of our Performance Series.

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