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Shi Shi Katana

By: Bugei

Shi Shi Katana

Lion Dog Motif

The Shi Shi dogs, or lion dogs, were believed to be ancient guardians against evil and were often seen in pairs. No better motif could be thought of for this blade configuration featuring Bugei's forged and folded Swedish powered steel katana. Regardless of the blade or tsuka (handle) length, each Shi Shi Katana is hand-wrapped in tender doeskin ito over samekawa (black dyed ray skin) allowing for a comfortable grip. The golden menuki feature a peony blossom, a symbol of bravery and honor, which is mirrored on the kozuka (knife). The Shi Shi are paired on the tsuba and also on the fuchi and kashira. A very detailed Rain Pattern is detailed on the habaki with a nakako design on the fuchi, tsuba, koshira and kogia. Nanako is a design of symmetrically placed dots to give the surface a uniform texture to change how it reflects the light. The Shi Shi are highlighted in the Golden colour on the textured surface throughout this piece. A dark brown laquered saya sheaths the folded steel blade featuring a gold-plated, lion dog kurikata with a black sageo. The golden lion dog kurikata is paired with the one on the nanako motif kojiri. An impressive and well thought out sword design, the Shi Shi Katana from Bugei should please the practitioner as well as the collector.

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We also offer a Shi Shi Tanto with fully matching furniture should you want to form a matching set. And as is true of all of our swords, each sword is carefully hand inspected for defects in workmanship and functionality before being offered up for sale.

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