Tokugawa Katana

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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Traditional Handle Construction

One of the “great unifiers” and legends of feudal Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu, was a master tactician as well as political strategist. Much can be said of Ieysau for his bold yet prudent quick reactions to seize opportunities, but his long game tactics proved most successful. After years of clever maneuvering and military battles, Ieyasu traded his five home provinces for eight in the Kanto province after conquering them with one of his top rivals Toyotomi Hideyoshi. This ingenious move isolated him from Hideyoshi’s rule and allowed for autonomy in becoming the second most powerful daimyo in Japan. This move spawned the Japanese proverb “Ieyasu won the Empire by retreating.” After Hideyoshi’s death, Ieyasu became one of the regents in the Council of Five Elders that would rule on behalf of his young son, Hideyori. A year later, one of the oldest and most respected regents dies creating an opportunity for control. Ieyasu takes Osaka Caste, the residence of Hideyori, and infuriates the other regents. At the Battle of Sekigahara he found himself almost outnumbered two to one. But like his deceased friend and ally, Oda Nobunaga, Ieyasu made use of firearms and had some arquebuses smuggled in for the battle along with some added behind the scenes negotiating with some of the daimyo in the Western Army. Ending in complete and total victory, Ieyasu became shogun in March of 1603 which created the Tokugawa shogunate which lasted til 1868 which is referred to as the Edo period.


Reliks Product ID 6935
Manufacturer SKU SH26010
Blade Hardness 60 Edge - 40 Back
Blade Length 27 1/8"
Blade Material T10
Blade Tempering Differential Clay Tempering
Full Length 41 1/2"
Handle Length 13 1/4"
Sori 5/8"
Weight 2 lb 5 oz

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