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Sephiroth Sword

This incredible sword is very popular with fans of Final Fantasy and cosplayers alike. Your Final Fantasy Sephiroth costume wouldn't be complete without a final fantasy Sephiroth sword. This sword is very popular as the length and style of the no dachi are exactly like the famous piece carried by the Final Fantasy Sephiroth character. This piece is a full 68" overall with a 50" blade !

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  • Product Code: 2362
  • SKU: sw264

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5/5 average from 21 reviews

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"Although a fantasy sword, it would've been far better if the blade had been forged with a practical edge and weight." - (3/5)

"It was a gift, but from what I saw it looks to be very nice and high quality." - (5/5)

"Great buy, totally awesome looking blade. About what you would expect from a show sword, just don't knock it off any walls." - (4/5)

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