Sacred Monk's Robe

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

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For the Spiritual Visionary

Step into a world of passion, devotion, and spiritual fervor with the Maroon Monk's Robe. Its deep, rich hue embodies the fiery commitment of those who blaze their own spiritual trails. A symbol of potent authority and quiet achievements, this robe tells tales of ceremonies, sacred chants, and visionary dreams.

Crafted with precision from 100% rugged heavy cotton, it provides a balance of comfort and solemnity, perfect for the fervent believer. The robe's elongated hood and adjustable waist tie ensure it becomes an extension of the visionary wearer. Designed to be a perfect fit for spiritual trailblazers up to 6' in height.


Reliks Product ID 5401
Manufacturer SKU 100298
Color Maroon