Brown Monk's Robe

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For the Seeker of Nature's Wisdom

Embrace the serenity of the earth and its timeless lessons with the Brown Monk's Robe. Its hue resonates with the world of trees, soil, and ancient traditions. A garment that embodies both simplicity and deep significance, this robe is a tribute to those who find wisdom in nature's whispers. Its minimalist design evokes a sense of humility, while the robe itself is a testament to paths walked in spiritual connection and reverence to the Earth.

Woven from 100% heavy-duty cotton, this robe is designed for the seeker who is committed to their journey. The elongated hood and waist tie enhance its traditional look while ensuring a snug fit. A true emblem of earthly connection for those up to 6' tall.


Reliks Product ID 4275
Manufacturer SKU 100298
Color Brown