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Armor Suits

Reliks brings you your “Knight in Shining Armor”. Knights armor comes in many different styles. We offer a selection of Roman, Gothic and Medieval full suits of armour. You will also find armor parts available separately for creating you own kit. We have Gauntlets, vambraces, pauldrons and more.

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Your armor kit isn't complete without proper head protection. Check out the medieval, Samurai, Roman, Greek helmets available in Reliks helmets section. We have several designs available from the Nasal Helm, the Bascinet, the Barrel Helm, the kettle hat and more. We have medieval helmets made of thick 14 gauge steel for the re-enactor as well as lighter helms for costume and display.

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Shields varied from era to culture before they were mostly fazed out during the introduction of full plate armor. We offer a selection of shields from the early Spartan shield to the Renaissance. You will find steel bucklers as well as steel shield bossed for producing your own wooden shields. We also offer themed kite shields made of paintable canvass wrapped wood like those carried during the crusades.

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Chainmaille Armor

One of the longest running types of armor is the famous suit of chains. Chain armour is known as chainmaille, maille, chain mail and even plate mail. You no longer have to employ an entire medieval village to build your suit of chain armor. Simply check here to find your new butted or riveted hauerk, coif, gauntlets and more.

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Padded Armour

The purpose of a medieval padde armour was to provide essential protection to the wearer, primarily in the form of padding and impact absorption. A gambeson was a padded garment, often made of layers of fabric such as linen or wool, and was worn underneath armor or chainmail during the medieval period.

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