Roman Gallic - Black and White Crest

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Removeable Crest

The Imperial Gallic Helmet was in use in the Roman Army until the 2nd century and was based on the helmet used by the Gauls. This style of helmet provided protection to the Romans by closely following the shape of the head with reinforced peaks and cheek plates. The helmet had cut outs for ears but also had a rigid extension at the back to protect the neck from attacks at the rear. The Roman commander would wear a Gallic helmet mounted with a crest which was often made of horse hair or feathers to give an imposing look of height and to distinguish the separate centurions. This reproduction helmet is great for the Roman reenactor or simply as the centrepiece for the collector. This fully wearable helmet is constructed of 18 gauge steel with a padded lining and removeable crest. Brass accents adorn the helmet along with the impressive black and off white crest.


Reliks Product ID 6512
Manufacturer SKU AB3002
Material 18 Gauge Steel
Weight 6 lb 4 oz

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