APOC Survival Wakizashi


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Before the seven seals are torn away...Whether it be plague, natural disaster, mass hysteria, nuclear fallout, zombies, alien invasion or mankind’s inevitable A.I. war, these tactical swords feature a meek and functional design against unremitting maintenance and corrosion in those bleak future days.The APOC Wakizashi at a glance looks atypical except for the classic Japanese styled blade. But fans of Gus Trim will recognize his subtle style and perfection in a design that’s historically atypical for this famed sword maker. The 8 1/4” full tang G10 handle glides gently in the hand as the handle slabs, rivets and blade profile are effortlessly flush all around preventing blisters or lesions which eliminates a big problem when combatting in an infectious environment. The hooked guard prevents your fingers from sliding onto the blade edge. The 18 1/2" blade edge and contour features another Atrim profiling feature allowing precise cuts and slices. At 28 1/4” overall and 1 lbs 14 oz the APOC Wakizashi is hefty enough to split skulls and sever limbs but light enough to not hinder a valiant retreat.The black textured fiberglass sheaths are fitted to a Molle compatible kydex platform that allows you to secure your swords to belt or pack in multiple carry positions. For belt or sling carry setups the platform has four slots 1 3/8" long and 1/8" wide. A hole in the end of the scabbard allows drainage in wet environs. A notch in the handle and the platform allows for stealth unsheathing as well as locking the sword securely for inverted maneuvers. No preparations for the end times are complete without an A.P.O.C. tactical sword for when the bullets run out, the knives are too short and your life is on the line.

Perfect Companions

The Survival Wakizashi is the perfect companion to the APOC Katana, as well as the APOC Survival Tanto to complete your entire samurai set.


Reliks Product ID 7144
Manufacturer SKU SD35650
Blade Length 18 1/2"
Blade Material 9260 Spring Steel
Blade Thickness at Guard 6 mm
Edge Hardness 56 HRC
Full Length 28 1/4"
Handle Length 8 1/4"
Handle Material G-10
Point of Balance 2"
Weight 1 lb 14 oz