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Gunny Knife

By: Ka-Bar Knives

Gunny Knife
Ka-Bar Knives

R. Lee Ermey

Designed by R. Lee Ermey, also known as "The Gunny". This was the last project The Gunny worked on before his passing in 2018. Created to be used in any and all terrains and situations, the Gunny Knife is made in the USA. A portion of sales of the Gunny Knife will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that was near and dear to R. Lee Ermey.


Marine. Actor. Knife Designer. Patriot. R. Lee Ermey, also known as "The Gunny", was a US Marine for 11 years. After his time in the Marine Corps, Ermey began his second career as an actor, most notably as the iconic Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the movie Full Metal Jacket. Ermey was in over one hundred productions, including Apocalypse Now, Seven, Full Metal Jacket, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and countless others. Ermey was active in supporting the US Military his entire life, visiting deployed soldiers and Marines deployed as well as around the United States.

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  • Product Code: 6775
  • SKU: 5300
  • Brand: Ka-Bar Knives
  • Blade Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Blade Length: 9.75"
  • Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van
  • Blade Thickness: .187"
  • Blade Width: 2.875"
  • Full Length: 15.312"
  • Handle Material: Webb Wood
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Weight: 0.95 lb

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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"Nice design that seems like a light weight Kukri blade profile combined a little with a Smatchet, the whole thing also reminding me of a leaf shaped blade. Maybe a bit too light to replace a hatchet or a machete, but it has some degree of military tactical use. I could criticize a few minor things: The handle initially felt a bit slippery compensated by a good shape avoiding any hot spots if used for light chopping, the blade is more of a slicer to me than a chopper. The false edge is sort of unsharpened very close to butter knife sharp but can be sharpened with minimal effort with the right tools or skill set. The cut out for the choil is a bit too narrow for chocking up on the blade, and this could also be easy enough to modify. Oh, I don't know how durable the black finish is like because I removed it with paint remover revealing a subdued grey finish under the black. Note: The signature on one side and the GUNNY APPROVED lettering where not affected by removing the black finish since it seems to be etched directly on the blade and are not some cheap stick on or painted on top of the black finish ..... Removing the black finish was a personal choice, but for collecting purposes I would leave the knife as it arrived in the box. Overall I'm very happy with the knife although there are a few small design issues that would make it go from a 5 to a 6! Oh, before I forget the blade edge was scary shave sharp out of the box." - (5/5)

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