Bo Staff

This item can not be ordered at this time. It has been discontinued and can only be found through external links to our website.

This is over 2 and a half pounds of staff. Made from solid red oak this bow staff screams power. It is not a light weight which will easily be respected after a long training session. This is a very solid and durable bo staff which can also be used as a spear or polearm shaft for many of the spearheads, and halberd heads that we offer.


Reliks Product ID 5012
Manufacturer SKU 11903-6
Diameter 1 1/8"
Length 72"
Material Red Oak
Weight 2.6 lb

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5/5 average from 19 reviews

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G - Verified Buyer

"Love everything about it "

H - Verified Buyer

"As advertised and fits description."

C - Verified Buyer

"Excellent. Quite light and strong, i plan to mount a spear tip on it at some point, but until then it's a great staff."

A - Verified Buyer

"Excellent quality staffs for training. "

M - Verified Buyer

"I bought three Bo for my group and one of the Bo cracked. After a few emails a new Bo was sent right away. Really great customer service. I will definitely purchase from Reliks again due to my experience."

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