Blackthorn Staff

By: Cold Steel

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Price (USD): $69.99


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Inspired by an over-sized staff in the private collection of our company President Lynn C. Thompson, our newest member of the Blackthorn family is the biggest stick we’ve ever made! The new Blackthorn Staff (almost 5 feet long) represents the culmination of years of costly research and development in the world of injection molding and high-impact polymer production. This king-sized hiking staff, with its rustic wood-effect texturing, “clipped thorn” nodules and polished faux-wood knob is sure to be an unusual and much talked about part of any collection.


Reliks Product ID 6211
Manufacturer SKU 91PBST
Full Length 59"
Material Polypropylene
Weight 48 oz

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T - Verified Buyer

"Huge, long and impressive, would work well as an indestructible hiking staff, but a bit on the heavy side. If one had to discourage a bear, a wolf or an aggressive dog a good hit might do a lot of damage. Urban use might get one some strange looks compared to the smaller Cold Steel Shillelagh walking stick. The Blackthorn Staff is as heavy or heavier than a white oak staff that I own and should be used with great care if one wanted to use it in paired martial arts practice because " Bo " or Quarter Staffs can only be used safely with great control,"

B - Verified Buyer

"The blackthorn staff is singularly impressive. It's heavy, but not overwhelming. And for a synthetic polymer implement, it's remarkably sturdy; no wobble, but has a very "taught" flex, giving it added durability. It would serve as an excellent hiking staff, as well as a convincing costume accessory for a wizard or druid character. Highly recommended!"

H - Verified Buyer

"It's great and fits perfectly in my hand! "